1. Automotive Manufacturing

    My company has been with Employ Source since its inception.  We have partnered with Barb Swedberg for over ten years.  The relationship between our companies is a true partnership whereby Employ Source and Barb provide first class payroll and human resource services.  Never has there been a time that our question or request was not…

  2. Manufacturing

    We have been with Employ Source, Inc. since 2014. I find the company reliable and helpful.  If there is a question or concern about payroll or employment practices Employ Source contacts me right away. They keep on top of new employment laws and regulations pertaining to my business. Employ Source is a full-service payroll company….

  3. Ambulance Service

    I have been using Employ Source a little over 10 years. Their new website is very user friendly.  Their staff is phenomenal.  Any questions I have are answered promptly.  If there are reports I can’t pull myself…I email them and they will send them to me asap.  I have many job duties, one of them being payroll….probably the one I knew the least…

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